5 Axis

Calmax is proud to offer 5-axis machining, the ability to machine complex parts fast and with high accuracy. Our 5-axis machining allows us to increase productivity by machining five sides of the part in one setup.

  • TABLE SIZE: X-35.43” Y-30.7” Z-25.59”

  • MAX WORK ENVELOPE: Ø33 ” × H13 ” max weight 1100 lb

  • TOLERANCE: Tighter tolerances to ± 0.0002 available, depending on part geometry

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Calmax has a large variety of milling machines to fit your precise needs.

Whether it is to machine a prototype with a quick turnaround time or production quantities on our horizontal palletized centers, 5-axis or vertical CNC machines

Calmax has the right machine to meet your every needs.

Calmax is proud to continually acquire the latest machine technologies to offer the very best in accuracy and delivery times.

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From swiss turning machines to large horizontal lathes, Calmax has a wide variety of CNC lathes to meet your production needs.
With live tooling and multi axis lathes, Calmax can machine complete parts in minimal machine set ups and offer dimensional control and accuracy.

  • MAX TURNING DIA: 45.7”


  • TOLERANCE: Tighter tolerances to ± 0.0002 available, depending on part geometry

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With special in-house tooling and the ability to consistently hold very demanding tolerances, our screw machine capabilities are ideal for producing certain parts more economically than using conventional Swiss or CNC equipment.

In conjunction with our CNC equipment, screw machines allow us to integrate both conventional as well as CNC technologies to develop a cost effective, efficient process for the production of your parts.

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Calmax Technology specializes in creating unique or difficult to fabricate components by coupling the efficiency of CNC turning and CNC Milling with the high precision of Wire EDM.

When conventional methods of machining cannot meet your requirements, EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) can be an option. Our EDM hole drilling equipment (Hole Popper) is capable of drilling burr-free holes from DIA:0.012" (0.3mm) to DIA:0.065" (1.5mm) in almost any conductive material. EDM drilled holes compliment the capability of Wire EDM by allowing start holes in otherwise impossible to machine materials such as carbide.
Sinker EDM further extends our capabilities by allowing complex shapes with high aspect ratios and minimal corner radii to be realized.

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Calmax is proud to have the latest technologies in quality control. From Zeiss to Mitutoyo, Calmax has the ability to perform quality control along every step of the way in the production process. Our temperature controlled quality control areas assure that all tolerances are met to print.

  • TABLE SIZE: X-62.9” Y-94.5” Z-59.1”

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Calmax Technology is ready to assist you in your assembly needs.

Our integrated services provide customers with manufacturing and assembly solutions that move a product from its initial design through volume production.

Thanks to this approach, Calmax is able to design, build, and ship a complete packaged product to our customers or end users.

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Our state-of-the-art clean room facilities (both at our Silicon Valley and Oregon locations) give us the ability to provide assemblies to you in a controlled environment to prevent particle contamination.


We also have a large non-clean room assembly area for mechanical and electrical assembly and test.

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Calmax has integrated a welding department to its production capabilities to be able to offer a complete product to its customers. From FSW to TIG welding, the ability to do so in-house allows Calmax to be competitive on assemblies that require a multi-step process from start to finish. We are one of the few manufacturing companies in California to offer top of the line FSW services.

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