An industry leader in machined components

Since 1987, Calmax Technology has been a Silicon Valley leader in precision machined components and electro-mechanical assemblies. Working with leading innovators across industries, we help our clients manufacture products with efficiency and expertise.

With more than 200 employees and a combined 240,000 square feet of space across California and Oregon, Calmax will provide you with a dedicated engineering staff, state-of the-art equipment and customer service that will assist your company with all your manufacturing needs.

Our mission

Calmax Technology: To provide superior manufacturing services to our customers and continue to innovate the machining industry and beyond.

Our history

Calmax was founded in 1987 by George Marcinkowski. George immigrated from Poland and had a bold vision for his future in America. With little knowledge of the manufacturing world, George took on the challenge of building a business from the ground up. What began as a humble, one-man operation has since grown into a large presence.

The name Calmax was inspired by George’s vision of providing his California customers (CAL) the maximum quality and service (MAX). He wanted to make a statement and prove that the business he was risking everything to begin, would be able to provide top-notch service to its California customers and beyond. He succeeded above and beyond his expectations.

Today, Calmax has more than 200+ employees, 200,000 square feet with offices across states (California and Oregon) and top tier clients from around the globe.

Calmax Technology is proud to work with innovators across industries including Tesla, Google, Apple Computers, Lam Research and Applied Materials — among many others — for all manufacturing needs.

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